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Is vertical or horizontal engine better?

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Vertical engines vs horizontal engines |Jun 16, 2009 — Some mower designers claim that the horizontal shaft engines have better lube systems. I've never heard a good explanation for why they 

Horizontal shaft vs Vertical Shaft | My Tractor ForumJul 19, 2011 — Personally, I hate all vertical shaft engines, regardless of brand, age, I've always liked horizontal shafts better too Red.dont really know why Horizontal vs. Vertical Engine. | PlanetMinis ForumsAug 21, 2008 — What are the pluses and minuses of horizontal vs. vertical engines of similar Upright allows the engine to be farther forward for better weight 

Horizontal vs. Vertical Engines | Honda Lawn Parts BlogJun 20, 2018 — Some older vertical shaft engines have the intake and exhaust valves positioned vertically. On the other hand, some people believe that horizontal shaft engines will wear out faster because the upright position of the cylinders keeps them from being lubricated as well as a vertical shaft engine

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal engine than vertical engines and horizontal engines are especially designed for better mileage Not sure about mileage but the big difference is vertical shaft goes like Why are some single cylinder engines kept horizontal andOct 8, 2014 — Single cylinder engines that are mounted either vertical, inclined or horizontal. which surrounded the horizontal engine well which provide good handling

6 Key Differences of Vertical & Horizontal Motors | PumpsMar 22, 2019 — A general purpose horizontal motor is typically built with external shaft loading in either or both the radial or axial direction. Larger horizontal Price difference on horizontal vs. vertical shaft enginesDec 13, 2008 — Most horizontal shaft motors sit up by themselves real good and generally look good doing it. Vertical shaft engines need a machine or a custom 

Horizontal shaft VS Vertical shaft (small) engines. | ForumsApr 21, 2011 — When it comes to the design, the vertical shaft engine is superior. Here is why: Oil delivery. The horizontal design puts a little "scooper" on the. sounds like the vertical engine is just better for the idiots that don't check the oil,i Which one is better horizontal engine or vertical engineThis engine feels agile but has approx same top speed. This engine is not that refined comparatively.So my verdict is that if you want a refined machine then go for the horizontal version. And if you love to encourage new technology then vertical version is a good option

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